Fantastic read

What a wonderful story spanning many many years. The characters were very easy to invest in and thoroughly believable. I have always enjoyed this genre and this book certainly did not disappoint. One of the best I have read. I was hooked from the first chapter. Thoroughly good read and I will certainly be looking for more by this author.


A good and interesting read

Very enjoyable story and a clever concept. The "flashbacks" to earlier lives of the main protagonists were well developed.

The gradual evolving of the current lives of these main characters took some time to really invest in them and the final climatic scenes were good but not perhaps as credible as other parts of the story.

Was quite pleasantly surprised at the end to find that there's going to be further stories with these characters as I felt the tale had reached a satisfactory conclusion. However I'll be looking out for the next episode with interest.

David R

I enjoyed this novel, I was really engaged and I liked the characters. Will be looking out for more by this author.

Claire C

A good new voice in the historical fantasy genre.

Three people chase each other across time. Souls destined to met time and time again. Love and hate, new beginnings and old memories mixing emotions and memories until it’s almost impossible to know where one life ends and another begins.

Stories about love that defies death about reincarnation and people finding each other despite all the hazards placed in their way always fascinate me. While this may not be the best example of the genre I have ever read it is certainly enjoyable and I’m already looking forward to the next addition to the series.

Teresa B
My Bookish World

This is a clever and believably written novel. Carl Bayley has used a mixture of his life experiences with the belief in rebirth and reincarnation but included the potential horrors that could befall a soul in these situations. An addictive story that draws the reader completely in, that raises hope while in the background lurks utter despair. which will win out? 

Matt Shine
Writing for

Brilliant Read

A great read, keeps you hooked the whole way through. I haven't read it all yet, but already looking forward to the next one. A great writer, you think of the characters when you're not reading the book

Amazon Customer

Fantastic Book

What a fantastic read, not the kind of book I would normally read, I didn’t think I would get gripped by a story about reincarnation, I was so wrong (I'm so glad my friend prompted me to read it). I picked it up and didn’t put it down again until chapter 7; only then, because life got in the way.  The emotions of the lives, loves and losses, the horror, darkness and cruelty, these characters grew inside my head, became real people, Susan, Ben, Sally, Bartie, She Wolf, Bobby, Mortimer, Marcus & Moon Shadow and everyone in between, the fight to be together as (Mortimer) uses everything in his powers to keep them apart. Absolutely fantastic novel, I’m now left waiting in anticipation for the next book. Definitely my kind of book.

Amazon Customer

Fantastic read. Couldn't put it down, it kept me wanting to know what life was next. Interesting lives and exciting ending, definitely hoping there will be a next book.

Sarah Allan
Amazon Customer

A fast-paced and fascinating read

A fast paced read that kept me hooked from the start. A lot of obviously well-researched historical references and a wide range of geographical scenarios. Add to the mix several fascinating philosophical ideas and a group of characters with whom it was easy to identify and the result is a gripping tale that is difficult to put down.

Amazon Customer

It has been my absolute pleasure to read the Souls Series ahead of publication. The day I met Carl and I outlined my simple belief of time and awareness his face lit up and he told me of the story he was writing. Instantly I was hooked and have remained so throughout, eagerly devouring every chapter and bonding with the characters (all feeling so real to me) engrossed in their intertwined fates. Carl keeps it coming, the plots, the twists, characters yet to be revealed, I love it.


Every now and then you pick up a novel and it takes over your life until you reach the final page. Trinity of Souls is one such book. The author takes you back effortlessly to some of the most interesting times in history and brings them alive.

Nick Braun