Destiny of Souls

Second Instalment in the Souls Series

Destiny of Souls
Estimated Publication Date: November/December 2024
Pages: 500 (Estimated)


Former World President, Susan Carpenter, is telling her life story to young writer, Harry van Bassan-Chang. She tells how she and Ben Carlton rebuilt their lives following the events at Mortimer’s desert villa at the end of Trinity of Souls. Tracking down her old family from a previous life, marriage to Ben, and the unexpected arrival of children, all brought her happiness. But the couple soon realised the threat to mankind’s future was far from over as the fiendish Madam Scorpion continued Mortimer’s plans to build an army of soulless, ready to enslave the world at his command.

Now awakened to their past, Susan and Ben draw inspiration from previous lives. Among them, we meet Henry VIII’s secret seventh wife, find out what really happened at Stonehenge, and travel across the Atlantic to the blue haven with Sigrid the Shield-maiden and her Viking félag. We also learn the horrifying truth about Mortimer’s collaboration with the Nazis.

Things get personal for Susan and Ben when their own children are embroiled in the deepening global crisis as civilisation begins to collapse. But what soul lives inside their daughter? Is she truly evil; does she really deserve to be exterminated? Or have they got the wrong girl?

As the empty generation poses an ever-growing threat, Susan makes a last attempt to save humanity, while Ben races to save their daughter. Driven apart, they each must hope the other will succeed.


Susan Carpenter

Susan Carpenter, former World President, is revered as the ‘grand old lady of the new world order’. Recalling her astonishing life, she tells how she switched from medicine to politics in the hope of averting the impending catastrophe. As Foreign Secretary, she toured the world, aiming to gather support in the global fight against the coming storm. But when she returned home, she found herself facing an even tougher challenge.

Lady Sofia

Forgotten by history, Lady Sofia is the only woman Henry VIII ever truly loved. Sacrificing everything to marry her beloved Henry, she is swept aside to suit the sinister Maverell’s political machinations. But what will become of her now?

Suibhina (Sufie)

For as long as she can remember, Sufie has been enthralled by her mother’s stories of when she was one of the seven village tributes and was coupled with Sufie’s father in the Ring of Life. But, as the solstice approaches, her mother reveals more of what happened that day. When Sufie is chosen as a tribute, her mother is horrified: terrified she could be the one coupled with the Gods in the Ring of Death.

Sigrid the Shield-Maiden

Along with Thorsten the Hound, her faithful companion, Sigrid is the fiercest warrior in her Viking félag and undoubtedly the chieftain’s favourite: fuelling a jealous hatred in his ambitious nephew. When the félag crosses the ocean to a new land, Sigrid is forced to confront her shameful secret, and her jealous rival plans to use it to destroy her.

Ben Carlton

Major Ben Carlton runs his security company as a cover for his and Susan’s investigations into Mortimer and his global corporation: MGIG. But as they grow closer to uncovering the full scale of Mortimer’s operations, the couple are driven apart by tragedy and loss. When Susan’s diplomatic approach seems to be taking too long, Ben decides to take matters into his own hands.


Barak can remember the day the Romans nailed three men to their crosses and waited for them to die; he’s heard the stories about how one of the men rose again and returned to life. He’s really not sure whether to believe the stories or not, but he keeps his opinions to himself: the Pharisees have denounced the stories as heresy, and Barak wouldn’t want to end up dying the same way.


Now controlling events from the other side, Mamboja has grown more powerful than ever, and his influence on Susan and Ben manifests itself in unexpected ways. Meanwhile, we learn more about his past: collaborating with the Nazis as Mortimer; rising to high office in the time of Henry VIII; conducting the mysterious ‘couplings’ at Stonehenge four and a half thousand years ago; creating a deadly bacterium in the middle ages… his dark shadow lies over all of human history, and he hasn’t finished yet.

The Quads

Having quads in her late forties came as a surprise to Susan, but she loves them just the same. Simon is almost too good to be true; Olivia (Ollie) is the apple of Ben’s eye; Ricky is a bit of a tearaway; and Lucinda (Cinder) likes to play with fire. But which one of them killed their grandmother?

Harry van Bassan-Chang

Young writer, Harry van Bassan-Chang is surprised when he lands the coveted assignment to write Susan Carpenter’s life story. As their sessions unfold, he grows to love the feisty old woman. Gradually, he comes to realise they have known each other before. But when?


In Destiny of Souls, we learn how the Universe makes new souls, but needs harmony on Earth to be at its most productive. The events of recent decades have severely damaged that harmony and, while the human population has grown exponentially, the Universe has struggled to keep pace, leading to the Soul Event Horizon: the point at which the number of bodies exceeds the number of souls, and an empty generation of soulless children starts to grow.

Where and when?

Some of the places Destiny of Souls takes place in are:

  • Present day England and Abu Dhabi
  • Near-future England, Scotland, North Dakota, and New York
  • Second Century Rome
  • England, 2109
  • First Century Judaea
  • Tudor England
  • Nazi Germany and Occupied Europe, 1940-45
  • Inverness, 1350
  • Vietnam, 1971
  • South Carolina, 1923
  • Stonehenge, c2500 BCE
  • English Midlands, 1978
  • Tenth Century Scotland, Iceland, and Greenland