Dignity of Souls

Fifth Instalment in the Souls Series

Dignity of Souls
Estimated Publication Date: 2026
Pages: 530 (Estimated)


In the early twenty-fifth century, Serena is enjoying some quality time with her beloved wife. Between bouts of love-making, Serena talks about the life she is most ashamed of: in the previous century, when she was sent to the terrible Dogger Reclamation Zone Rehabilitation Centre (DRZRC) for a crime she didn't commit.

As Serena's tale unfolds we discover what terrible hardships she suffered as the innocent Cindy, but how two things pulled her through: by day, the close friendships she formed with some of the other inmates; by night, her dreams of when she was She Wolf, fighting for freedom and justice during the American Revolutionary War, aided by her faithful stallion, Crispin.

Both Cindy and She Wolf face difficult challenges, but in two very different worlds, and two very different times, over five hundred years apart. It is her life as She Wolf that gives Cindy the strength to deal with her life in prison. But, when dreams and reality clash, Cindy, She Wolf, and Serena are all tested in ways they could never have imagined.


Cindy-Anne-Marie Palmerston (Cindy/Sin)

Brought up by devout Believers, Cindy has led a sheltered life: until she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is sentenced to seven years' soft labour in an awful prison. Each hardship she suffers seems worse than the last, but she finds friendship in the notorious henhouse, finds strength in her dreams, and slowly, one day at a time, learns how to survive her ordeal.

Candice Barbara Tamara Turner (Candy)

Sassy, street-wise, and determined to serve her sentence and get out of DRZRC as quickly as possible, Candy makes sure everyone knows she's a bad-assed bitch that’ll cut your face open soon as talk to you. Exasperated when she finds she's sharing a cell with the naive, gullible Cindy, who she dubs 'Rich Bitch', she's not shy about letting her feelings be known. But, while Candy admits she's a career criminal, there's a lot more to her than meets the eye.

Ludovica Sofia Dilara Valentini (Luda)

The first person to befriend Cindy in prison, Luda has a sad story of her own to tell. One thing keeps her going more than anything else: one day, she will get out of here, and she will see her darling son, Luigi again. He's the reason she's here and, as far as she's concerned, he's worth it.

Nicolette Tanwen Jones (Nikki)

When Nikki arrives at DRZRC, the little Welsh rarebit is like a breath of fresh air with her philosophy of 'you gotta look on the bright side, don’t you?' But her cheerful optimism can't save Nikki from all the horrors the prisoners are subjected to.


Her soft Irish lilt belies Firebird's vicious, cruel nature. Together with her henchwoman, Bluebottle, she seems determined to make Cindy's life a living hell.

She Wolf

When She Wolf led the tribe's warriors into battle in the cause of freedom and justice, she thought the people she left behind were safe. But tragedy strikes when something much darker than the revolutionary war visits her home. Setting out on a mission of vengeance, she finds some unlikely allies in her fight against an evil far greater than the Great White King Across the Water.

Colonel Nathaniel Turner (Nate)

Hunting for renegade deserters, Colonel Turner stumbles on the most incredible woman he's ever met. Shattering all his preconceptions about just about any subject you could name, he finds the so-called 'Indian Virgin Queen' as infuriating as she is intriguing, as fascinating as she is ferocious, as beautiful as she is beguiling: he doesn't know what to make of her.

Little Bird

Daughter of Sleeping Bear and Feathered Dove, Little Bird wants to prove she can be as good a warrior as her brothers. And she knows it's possible: the woman she looks up to more than any other person proves that.

Midnight Storm

The chief of the Joatani is the sworn enemy of She Wolf and her tribe. His evil cruelty knows no bounds and he will stop at nothing to achieve his aims.



If there's one thing we learn above all else in Dignity of Souls, it's the value of friendship... and love. Because people who love each other, working together, can beat anything... maybe even the most powerful soul in the Universe.

Where and when?

Some of the places Dignity of Souls takes place in are:

  • Twenty-fourth century Britain
  • The Dogger Reclamation Zone Rehabilitation Centre (a women's prison in the twenty-fourth century)
  • The Appalachian Mountains, North America, 1779
  • An unknown place and time in the distant past
  • Near-future England