Journey of Souls

Third Instalment in the Souls Series

Journey of Souls
Estimated Publication Date: Summer 2025
Pages: 478 (Estimated)


In the early twenty-second century, former World President, Susan Carpeneter continues to tell her life story. She relates what happened to her, Ben, and their children when the Soul Wars began and the empty generation started fighting for dominion over Earth, led by Mortimer's puppet, the soulless Mandred.

But, as vital as Susan's role was, her children take on ever-increasing importance in the battle to save humanity, and each of them must undertake a journey of discovery to learn who, and what, they really are, and what part they have to play. As they grow up, the quads learn they have access to their parents' memories: twelve thousand years' worth of them, a vast resource from which they are able to draw strength.

Ollie sets out with her faithful wolf-hound, Runa, on a quest to find a lost love: but finds so much more when she meets the mysterious Mother and her family in the frozen wastes of northern Canada; Ricky heads for Europe, where he rises through the ranks of a notorious organisation, but faces enemies on every side; Simon goes to Africa to undertake a life of study and contemplation; and Cinder burns her way across the globe on a dark journey of her own.

Ultimately, the family must reunite to determine the fate of mankind. But which of them will prevail?



Olivia Carlton (Ollie)

Growing up in isolation at the blue haven, Ollie's only friends are her faithful hound, Runa, and Donny, the boy who was rescued along with her. When an unwelcome visitor arrives, she leaves her home and travels far: discovering things about both herself and her friends she never imagined.

Berwick Carlton (Ricky)

Ricky was always a bit of a tearaway, so it was natural he would fall in with a bad crowd one day. But, when the criminal underground becomes the best hope of saving Europe, he finds himself in an unexpected position of authority. His life filled with violence and betrayal, he is set on an inevitable path towards destruction: but there's one woman who just might save him.

Simon Carlton

The eldest of the quads, Simon is pure of heart, dedicated to studying the secrets of the Universe. Learning more than anyone else on Earth, he is prepared to sacrfice everything for the sake of mankind.

Lucinda Carlton (Cinder)

As one of Mortimer's closest allies, Cinder leaves a trail of destruction in her wake wherever she goes, burning her way across the globe. She doesn't care who has a soul, and who doesn't, she doesn't care who wins the Soul Wars; all she craves is fire.

Sonja Goldblatt

Caught up in the desperate fight raging across Europe, Sonja is wrongly accused of being soulless. Condemned to death, she is rescued by an unlikely saviour who offers her a choice that will change her life forever.

Serwaah and Baako

Now living a good life: happy, free, and content, in Bristol, Baako sees no reason to take any foolish risks. But when Serwaah sees the man who destroyed her family, she seeks an opportunity for revenge... and nothing is going to stop her.


With the face of a monster, but a heart of gold, Basterion has been imprisoned in the labyrinth. Deemed too badly deformed to take his place as rightful heir to King Minos, he tries his best to save the young Athenian girls and boys thrown into the labyrinth with him: but they always run away in fear, meeting a tragic end in one of the many deadly traps. Until he meets Selene.


Mother claims she cannot see the future, she can only see possibilities. Even so, she still knows you're coming long before you do. Taking Ollie under her wing, she guides the young woman through some difficult times, and hints at the destiny she must face: but leaves her to follow her own path.


Mortimer's chief puppet on Earth, Mandred rises from obscurity during the soulless rebellion in Hong Kong, eventually becoming leader of the soulless armies rampaging across the globe. Born without a soul, he has no compassion, no morality, no empathy: but he does enjoy the death and destruction he wreaks, and the torment he heaps on his victims.


Her Majesty, Queen Zara the First, Queen of England, Scotland, Ireland, and France, Empress of Greater Britain, Saviour of the Pure People. Mortimer is not the only one to use one of the soulless for their own ends.


In Journey of Souls, we see the strength of souls united in a common cause that takes precedence over everything else they've ever known: race, nationality, ancient prejudices... even family feuds. But does it make them strong enough to overcome the disadvantage of their own morality: the inherent weakness of their natural reluctance to fight fire with fire and meet the soulless on their own terms. That's a challenge every soul must face.


Where and when?

Some of the places Journey of Souls takes place in are:

  • Twenty-First Century England, Greenland, Mexico, Washington, New York, Canada, India, Crete, Czech Republic, Egypt,  Vatican City, The Arctic, Norway, Guernsey, and Burundi
  • Lesbos, Fifth Century BCE
  • England, 2109
  • Whitechapel, London, 1888
  • Crete, Thirteenth Century BCE
  • Bristol, England, 1702
  • Halicarnassus, Asia Minor, 334 BCE
  • Great Rift Valley, Africa, many thousands of years ago
  • Tudor England
  • Sixteenth Century France