Mystery of Souls

Seventh Instalment in the Souls Series

Mystery of Souls
Estimated Publication Date: 2027
Pages: 780 (Estimated)


In the Twenty-Fifth Century, Serena and her crewmate, Xenia, face a long journey home from planet Aegir with the sky stone they hope will save humanity. New arrival, Sean, helps to relieve some of the boredom and, as the years pass by, the women watch him grow with a shared sense of maternal pride. But, as the journey continues, the crew face unexpected dangers both inside and outside the ship.

The friendship between the women is tested when Serena reveals she was once Silkie Turner, someone still deeply reviled in Xenia's homeland. Talking about Silkie brings back painful memories for Serena, and she is forced to endure another long journey in her dreams: to Saint Petersburg and the hardest decision of all her lives.

Silkie opens the doors to other past lives, including a young She Wolf, training to become a warrior; a bank clerk caught up in a horrific armed robbery in the early 1960s; and Voudica, Queen of the Iceni, driven by a desire for revenge as she leads a rebellion against the Roman occupiers who raped and murdered her daughters.

Ultimately, as both journeys unfold, Serena and Silkie are each forced to choose between love and destiny: but, this time, the choices are harder than ever before.


Silkie Turner

After spending eight years in prison for a crime she didn't commit, Silkie is the butterfly to Cindy's caterpillar. Fighting her way across the globe at the head of the Global Liberation Army, she battles to bring Mendor's evil regime down. But, when she reaches Saint Petersburg, Shebana's latest incarnation is faced with the hardest decision of all her lives.


Living among the sea people twelve thousand years ago, Shebana questions the very nature of our existence, but incurs Mamboja's wrath as a result.

Young She Wolf

She Wolf trains to become a warrior.


Voudica vows to avenge her murdered daughters.


Where and when?

Some of the places Mystery of Souls takes place in are:

  • Starship Conquest Four, Deep Space, in the Twenty-Fifth Century
  • Twenty-Fourth Century Europe, Tibet, China, Vietnam, Australia, Antarctica, Africa, and Saint Petersburg
  • Sixth Century Britain
  • The time of the sea people, c12,000 years ago
  • Southern Britain, near Stonehenge, c2500 BCE
  • Egypt, c1400 BCE
  • East Anglia in the 1650s
  • Late Twenty-Third Century Antarctica
  • The Tower of London, 1483
  • Present day England
  • The Dogger Reclamation Zone, 2336
  • Native American tribal homelands in the 1750s
  • London, 1961-91
  • Birmingham, England, 1977-80
  • West Country, England, 1990-91
  • Amazon Rain Forest, Brazil, 2190
  • Twenty-First Century London
  • Roman Province of Britannia, AD 59-61