February 1998

Meetings (or 'Big Six')

We had a meeting to discuss

Whether we, that’s you and us

Should have a meeting every week

We need approval, which we’ll seek

At a meeting, another day

After which, we will say

Whether we’ll meet on the second or first

In any case, for what it’s worth

At the meeting, we will explain

The reason for meeting again and again


Now, at the last meeting, I did try to say

I’d really quite like a meeting-free day

With all of these meetings, held here and there

Nothing gets done and it doesn’t seem fair

Well, what d’ya think happened,

Do you know, can you guess?

They said, “Easy dear boy,

It must be the stress

Can’t you see why you’re here,

Haven’t you got a clue

Don’t you know that these meetings

         Are all we can do?”


Well, it seems we get paid

To waste all of this time

But it just can’t be right

And it’s really a crime!