Trinity Diaries


13th March 1979, 187 Woodland Road, Handsworth, Birmingham

I am so excited! I have never been this excited in my life. I’m going to see Bazza at Pop Toppers in London tomorrow. Tullie is taking me in his van. My lovely big brother, he deserves a big kiss.

But I’ll give Bazza a bigger kiss when I see him. A proper kiss, like a girlfriend gives her boyfriend. I hope that’s what I’m going to be: his girlfriend. I know he’s getting famous now. It’s amazing, the Vomix are Number 5 this week, they might even get to Number 1 soon. But I don’t care how famous he gets, I love his music, and I love him.

God, Dad is going to kill me when I get back. He’ll use his belt for sure, my bum will be sore for days, I’ll hardly be able to sit down. It’s going to be worth it though, one kiss with Bazza is worth a dozen strokes of Dad’s belt. Easily!

The only thing I’m worried about is that Kevin, the one who likes to call himself Gun. He’s such a creep. Last time he tried to get me to do something awful… and then he gave me drugs, made me sick. I hope I don’t see him in London.

But why am I worrying. Pop Toppers won’t have creeps like Kevin. It’ll be full of famous people, like Brunetta, the Gee Bees, Baba… or Dickie Savage. They won’t try to do anything awful, they’ll be nice. They’ll be strange, because they’re famous, but they’ll be nice. I might even get to meet some of them

It’s going to be so much fun; I can’t wait. But, most of all, I just want to see Bazza.