Land of Sky

Once, long ago,

There was an island in the sky

And though the days would pass there,

Time would rarely fly


This land was fair and green,

My friend

The days were long,

Ne’er seemed to end


And while the people

Had their faults

By and large,

They were good sorts


And over all

There ruled a King

Whose people loved

Enough to sing


They sang his praises

Every day

And he looked down

And he would say


“My people fair,

you are my kin

I love you as

The day begins


I love you as

The night will fall

I love you one,

I love you all”


And so it went

In land of sky

As many years

went slowly by


Until at last

Was born a boy

Who would so soon

It all destroy


His name was Raymond,

Raymond Grey

When he was small

He’d laugh and play


But after time

At last he grew

And those around

They slowly knew


Within his heart

Was something black

Of joy and love

He had a lack


But clever was

This hateful youth

And some could not

Behold the truth


And one of these

Was our old King

Who would hear only

Praises ring


For though his head

was old and wise

the wool could fall

across his eyes


So Raymond rose

Through Royal ranks

With knives in backs

His only thanks


And slowly in

This land of sky

Good men fell

And women cried


Until at last

His path was clear

And none were left

That he need fear


The King alone

Stood in his way

But he grew weaker

Every day


And in the end

It came to pass

The very throne

Was in his grasp


But here’s the twist

To end this tale

Raymond was just

Doomed to fail


For as he seized

The fallen Crown

At once the land

Came crashing down




Well, all that happened

Long ago

But one last thing

You ought to know


I hear that somewhere

That old King

And his sky people

Still they sing


You may think

It’s just a tale

But have you heard

The song of whales?