The Final Stand

He stands alone upon the hill

Above the barren land

He stands alone, for all is still

And makes the final stand


He is the last one to survive

His heart is filled with dread

He is the last one still alive

For all he knew is dead


He remembers well that fateful day

That shattered all our dreams

He remembers too the awful way

He heard a billion screams


He shouts out loud with all his voice

“It was your pride that caused this fall”

He shouts “why did we have no choice,

why did you have to kill us all?”


He stands and waits to hear an answer

It never comes, it never will

He stands and waits to die of cancer

And join the Hell beneath his hill


He knows he will soon join the rest

And wishes that he’d been there first

He knows man failed his final test

And did nothing but his worst