CHAPTER I - Growing Up


Ollie sat gazing at the beautiful fjord glistening in the spring sunshine. She frowned, as she remembered the peculiar dream she’d had last night. She’d started to have odd dreams ever since she began bleeding four months ago. Her father said it was nothing to worry about; she was just growing up. But that didn’t explain the dreams.

Last night had been the most vivid yet, she could recall every detail...




The sun shone brightly, illuminating Berenika’s long, auburn hair; bringing out the reds, golds, even shades of purple, within as she walked through the doorway carrying a basket of fresh fruit.

Semele looked up from her work and smiled, feeling a surge of love for her partner, admiring the contours of her body as the sun shone through her thin tunic. She stood up and walked over to her. Taking the basket, she placed it on the table, then put her arms around her and kissed her tenderly on the lips, probing softly with her tongue. She moved to the soft skin beneath Berenika’s jaw and ran her lips slowly down her lover’s neck, softly kissing the tender flesh as she went. She pulled off Berenika’s tunic and, bending forward, kissed her breasts, rolling her tongue around her nipples, softly sucking them into her mouth, leisurely giving each of them a turn, one at a time. She nibbled, very, very gently, and Berenika squeaked with pleasure.

Standing back, she held out her hand. “Come,” she said, and they walked to the bed chamber together, hand in hand. Berenika pulled off Semele’s tunic and they knelt on the bed, facing each other, then she put her hands on Semele’s hips and pulled her forward so they were touching, chest to chest, woman to woman. Semele folded her arms around Berenika and they kissed again, ever more passionately.

Moving her hands slowly across her buttocks, softly caressing as she went, Berenika sent Semele’s senses soaring, her anticipation mounting. She moved one hand to the front and began to caress that too. Semele slowly ran her hand down Berenika’s side and started to reciprocate. Soon, both of them were panting, their breath quickening, temperatures rising. Berenika shuddered, as ecstasy flooded her body; Semele followed, just moments later.

They knelt there, holding each other close, then Berenika lay on her back and stuck out her tongue, wagging it from side to side. “You are a wanton hussy,” Semele laughed.

“But you still love me,” Berenika smiled.

“Always, my love,” she swung her leg across her partner’s flowing hair, lying across the sheets around her head, now a lustrous dark teak in the shade of the bed chamber. Kneeling astride her lover’s upturned face, her naked flesh poised a hand’s width above those luscious, inviting lips, Semele faced down the bed, to where Berenika’s legs were bent upwards at the knees, already parted in readiness. Leaning forward, she placed her hands either side of Berenika’s hips, then slowly lowered herself towards her lover’s waiting mouth. She gasped at the wondrous sensation as Berenika began to run her tongue over her most intimate parts. Bending her head, she probed her lover’s warm depths with her own tongue, tasting the juices flowing from within. She shuddered once more; the pleasure was almost too much, it kept coming, again and again. Beneath her, she felt Berenika doing the same.




When Ollie woke, she was sweating profusely. Her underwear was soaked with something, but she had no idea what the strange fluid was; it was neither blood nor urine. Too embarrassed to say anything to her father, she’d torn up the panties and thrown them in the trash.

She was terribly confused by the dream. Who were those women, and why had it felt so... so wonderful? Sitting here now by the fjord, she was struggling to understand her feelings. If only there was someone she could confide in; but there was only her father and Hamish, another man from back home who’d helped them escape. And she couldn’t possibly tell...

“Hey, there you are, I’ve been looking all over for you, what are you up to?” a voice shouted from behind. She turned around and watched the boy who’d become her best friend walking towards her across the shingle beach. Breaking into a huge, beaming smile, she answered, “Nothing, just thinking.”

“About what?”

“Oh, just something stupid, silly really; I’d rather be with you.”

“Alright then; let’s see if we can catch some fish for supper,” he ran down the beach towards the sea.

She watched him go and smiled again. It was at that moment she decided she wanted to marry him when she grew up.