The Cost

Tony, David, John & Jack

Want to go and fight Iraq

On life at home they turn their back

Common sense they seem to lack


Gordon says “It’s gonna cost

Could be financial holocaust”

Tony gives a short riposte:

“Gotta fight else all is lost”


Meanwhile, back down local way

Firemen asking for more pay

Tony’s Gang don’t wanna play:

“Too much money, there’s no way!”


“Can’t pay you another cent

‘though you protect the innocent

Can’t you see this government

Spending cash on killing’s bent”


It costs too much to save the lives

of our own children, husbands, wives

Tony thinks it much more wise

To spend it all on genocide!


But let me make this very clear

It’s our own money, Tony dear

That you would spend creating fear

We’d rather that you spent it here


Tony, David, hear my plea

John and Jack, why can’t you see

When you start your killing spree

The fire will fall on you and me


Then who you gonna ask to save

Children here from early graves?

The service that is so, so brave

The ones you’re treating just like slaves?


The ones who died when towers fell

Relied upon in peace as well

Who answer every ringing bell

The ones you’ve told to go to hell?


If you want to fight Hussein

If you’re really that insane

Then you can catch a Baghdad plane

Don’t drag the country down the drain


‘Cause money’s not the only cost

Of playing with a holocaust

Many, many lives are lost

When to war our fate is tossed


The way you act gives Satan mirth

And to his Kingdom you give birth

You think of cost instead of worth

And one day it will cost the Earth!