Trinity Diaries


18th July 1942, Auschwitz, Upper Silesia, Third Reich

I met with Himmler again today. He is proving most useful. He has an interesting soul, without compassion or empathy, a quite remarkable find. Working with him is most rewarding. His methods are primitive, of course, but I can help with that. I have adapted my contingency plans for the fall of Hitler’s regime to put in place an extraction for Himmler. I believe he is worth saving, I can use him again.

For now, the Nazis’ obsession with the Jews is proving fruitful, allowing me to test many batches of potion in just a few months; work that might have taken decades in peacetime. It is laughable of course: their extraordinary belief in their superiority. I feel there is a strong chance it will prove to be their downfall. Nonetheless, for the time being, it suits me to work with them.

I could not care less what ethnic group my test subjects are drawn from: jew, gentile, white, black… it is all the same in reality, whatever the Nazis’ misguided dogma might espouse. All that matters is they have the power to provide the raw materials I need for my experiments. It may not last long but, in the meantime, it is the perfect partnership.